Samstag, 7. März | 20:30

Diplomarbeiten für Cagliari | Ausblick

The Diploma 2019 identified its central theme in the city of Cagliari as the setting, with its multiple problems of spatial and temporal continuity as well as growing fragmentation, reflecting a cultural process that, being exemplary in Cagliari, is a sign of its contemporaneity.

In its method, the Diploma sought to use the tools of the theory and practice of architecture, landscape design and urban planning, going beyond the conventional limits of the discipline and creating a harmony without undermining the integrity of the individual disciplines, and producing a synergic effect in its conceptual and operational possibilities.

The Diploma Cagliari. Continuity has contributed, and will continue to do so, to the development of thinking about the city through a process that demonstrates the relevance of concrete design opportunities as structural parts of a complex and coordinated system, capable of constructing, in a fragmented city, the reasons for its cohesion.

Having moved beyond the Age of the Object, the joint work of a diversified but coherent group, with different talents and outlooks, produced a research project with excellent results in the vast and varied panorama of the case studies examined, almost all centred on buildings or problem-places in the city. It was thus possible to reflect, starting from each one, on the themes of the structure of relations that could build those connections on the scale of the city-region that would transform Cagliari from a fragmented city, an archipelago of isolated elements without a structure, into the coherent, fluid and connected city that it is seeking to become.

João Nunes, born 1960 in Lisbon, Portugal. He is a Landscape Architect by ISA – Lisbon UT and ETSAB – Barcelona UTC, founder and director of PROAP studio, Full Professor at USI – Academy of Architecture of Mendrisio and member of several scientific committees.

João Gomes da Silva, born 1962 in Lisbon, Portugal. Since 1987 Landscape Architect by Évora U., since 1994 co-founder and director of Global Arquitectura Paisagista. Since 2007 Associate Professor at D.A. of Universidade Autonoma Lisboa, since 2012 Visiting Professor at USI – Academy of Architecture of Mendrisio, Switzerland.

Margherita Lurani Cernuschi, born 1994 in Como, Italy. Graduated cum laude at USI – Academy of Architecture of Mendrisio in 2019. She is now living in Milano, Italy, and works with different practices between Milano and Mendrisio, Switzerland.

Elena Pozzoli, born 1994 in Monza, Italy. Graduated cum laude at USI – Academy of Architecture of Mendrisio and winner of Premio Boni 2019. Now she works in Lausanne, Switzerland, in a Landscape Architecture office.

Francesco Rosati, born 1994 in Pisa, Italy. Graduated cum laude at USI – Academy of Architecture of Mendrisio in 2019. He worked as an intern in Japan and India, now he lives and works in Milano, Italy.