Samstag, 9. März | 20:00

Mixed Use „Mlynica” | Housing „Kominárska” Transformation of Late Modernist Industrial Heritage in Bratislava

The main goal of Mlynica and Kominárska projects was the transformation and revival of the original industrial heritage. Both buildings are located in a different urban context. While Mlynica is set within a vast post-industrial area originating in the 1960s on the northeastern outskirts of Bratislava, Kominárska is part of a large urban block that has been developing since the 1930s, including the functionalist residential building ’Unitas’ by the renowned architects Friedrich Weinwurm and Ignacio Vécsei.

Both projects are private investments by start-up developers, reflecting strongly their personal interest and commitment. It was important for us to understand the original buildings’ logic in the process of developing the design concept for both projects – defining their spatial, structural and material qualities; and to determine how to programme their spatial and typological upgrade.

Mlynica creates three new horizontal programmatic layers embedded into the exposed structure of the original building. Individual parts of the new programme – event space, offices and apartments – interface via the central hall space, a form of ‘piano nobile’ of the new Mlynica. Kominárska completes the exiting building structure through a ‘tetris’ matrix of the new apartments, complemented by a three-storey extension. The design builds on the existing structure of the original industrial building, the bright spaces with high floor to ceiling heights forming the base for the future loft-style living premises.
L.K. | S.P.

Lukáš Kordík, geb. 1979 in Bratislava, Slowakei. Studium der Architektur an der Slowakischen Technischen Universität in Bratislava und der École d'architecture de Lyon. 2007 Mitgründer des Architekturbüros gutgut. Lektor an der Slowakischen Technischen Universität.

Štefan Polakovič, geb. 1963 in Bratislava, Slowakei. Studium der Architektur an der Slowakischen Technischen Universität in Bratislawa. 2007 Mitgründer des Architekturbüros gutgut. Seit 2018 Gastprofessor an der Fakultät für Architektur der Slowakischen Technischen Universität. Mitorganisator des DAAD Festivals in Bratislava (Days of Architecture and Design).