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"Royal Arena" in Copenhagen
Royal Arena Copenhagen functions as a state of the art and flexible venue offering spectators a unique world class experience. Central to the design is a unique podium acting as a link to the adjoining neighbourhood. This feature is designed to effectively absorb the movement of spectators through a variety of small plazas, pockets and gathering areas which have been carved from the podium’s perimeter. It simultaneously encourages the community to embrace the variety of public spaces, staircase and adjacencies which promote activity and liveliness when the building is not in use.

"Dancing Façade": the wave-like semi-transparent façade that seemingly ‘dances’ above the surrounding podium allows people on the outside to enjoy glimpses of the activities within. The wavelike movements lift up slightly above the natural entry points of the Arena making way-finding easy and logical. The fins constituting the façade add warmth and texture to the building; giving the Arena a light and elegant expression.

Royal Arena will have a capacity between 12,500 and 15,000 depending on the type of activities being carried through. The arena is expected to be completed early 2017.
Audun Opdal, born 1980 in Norway, Architect MAA, has been with 3XN since graduating from Aarhus School of Architecture in 2008. He was named Partner in December 2014. Audun Opdal is one of 3XN’s leading designers in the competition department. He has been responsible of some of 3XN's most high-profile competition entries such as Copenhagen Arena, Swedbank's headquarters in Stockholm, Frederiksberg Courthouse and a part of the team behind Quay Quarter Building in Sydney.
Audun works holistically with architecture from concept development, 3D visualization, functionality and flow analysis to schematic design and façade details. Audun Opdal’s strength lies in the combination of aesthetic considerations combined with functionality.

Marc Viardot, born 1976 in Germany, occupies the position of Director Marketing and Products, taking over responsibilities of worldwide branding, communication and product portfolio strategies including design management and design leadership of the Laufen brand. Viardot has developed several successful collaborations with designers and partners such as Claudio Luti, Roberto Palomba, Konstantin Grcic, Toan Nguyen, Patricia Urquiola and Alberto Alessi. With a competent team of 28 colleagues at the headquarter in Switzerland, he works closely with 34 worldwide subsidiaries to further strengthen the Laufen brand and develop the economical growth of the company.

Founded in 1892, Swiss company Laufen has been at the vanguard of innovation in industrially manufactured bathroom design. Laufen invented the modern wall-hung WC, the floor-standing ceramic washbasin and, in 1985, the most efficient high-pressure casting technology. Sustainability is a key concern for Laufen, which has won the European Environment Prize for outstanding achievements and several Green Good Design Awards in recognition of its environmentally friendly manufacturing.

Project: ROYAL ARENA Copenhagen, Ørestad Syd, 2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark
Type of Project: Multi Purpose Arena, Semi Public Space
Architect: 3XN
Completion: planned in February 2017
Building Owner/Client: Arena CPHX P/S

Laufen Products installed: Laufen Pro N designed by Hee Welling and Laufen pro designed by Peter Wirz PRO Wallhung WC compact 49 cm, rimless, PRO N Wallhung WC 50 cm, PRO Seat & Cover with quick-release, PRO N Seat & Cover, VILA Urinal with concealed water inlet, PRO A Washbasin 36 x 25 cm, PRO A Washbasin 45 x 34 cm, PRO LIBERTY Washbasin 65 x 55 cm, KOMPAS Washbasin 50 x 36 cm