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Soziale Wohnbauten in Barcelona, Spanien
The "culture of competition", as we call it, is strongly embedded in our work. There are two consequences for projects coming from this culture of the competition. One is that it characterizes in a way the dialogue that you establish to formulate the questions and to give the answers in the sense that you don’t have a client in front of you, so it is a kind of self-conversation. The second is that expression of your ideas have to be direct, summarized, synthesized and very sharp.

Social public housing projects design process is mainly encountered with the site topography challenges, technology, budget constraints, program limitation, where our projects find opportunities and bring a certain level of complexity in construction and innovative use of base materials.

For us all problems are opportunities. We call it finding the resources of a project. A good problem is a good resource. In this lecture Miguel Roldán will show four cases of social housing projects that come from the competition and respond to 3 different conditions and chapters of research where Roldán + Berengué focus mainly their architecture:
1. PUBLIC – PRIVATE – COLLECTIVE (Tower in Plaza Europa and Masrampinyo Housing, Barcelona, Social Housing)
2. TOPOGRAPHY (Hospital Militar Street, Social Housing)
3. EXISTING (Fabra i Coats, Social Housing)
M.R. | M.B.
Miguel Roldán, born 1961 in Ceuta, Spain. College of architecture at the ETSAB-UPC,1988. He co-founded and has been the Director since 1998 of the Barcelona Architecture Center, BAC, designing and hosting study abroad programs for international architecture universities, among others, Texas A&M University (USA), Clemson University (USA), Roger Williams University (USA), Penn State University (USA), ITESM (Mexico), University of Monterrey, Unitec (Honduras). In 2012 he launched BAC Japan program, designing and coordinating spring intensive programs with group of students from over 20 Japanese Universities
He is currently Adjunt professor of Clemson University School of Architecture since 2000, Texas A&M University College of Architecture since 2000 and Penn State University since 2015. He is also currently Chartered Member of Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) since 2015 and a Member of the Architecture Commission of the Management of Hàbitat Urbà of the Barcelona City Council since 2012.

Since 1988 he leads together with Mercè Berengué, Roldán + Berengué, award winning architecture firm with 25 years of experience designing international projects at all scales. Roldan + Berengué is an expert team in low cost and sustainable residential architecture (14 public and private developments, with a total of 54 000 m2). They are also experts in corporate headquarters, public and private facilities (educational, health, civic, cultural), rehabilitation of historic and industrial buildings, urbanism and planning.

Completed projets (selection): Housing "Hospital Militar Street" in Barcelona (2008), Housing "Masrampinyo" in Barcelona (2009), Housing "L'Hospitalet" in Barcelona (2010), Health Care Center "Sant Andreu" in Barcelona (2011), Community Center "El Pinar" in Barcelona (2011), Col·legi d'Economistes de Catalunya in Barcelona (2013), Barcelona Architecture Center in Barcelona (2014).

Current Projekts (selection): Housing "Fabra i Coats" in Barcelona (2011), Housing "Chapi 50" in Barcelona (2014), Commercial Center "Retail Rambla" in Barcelona (2015), Housing "D'en Bot Lofts" in Barcelona (2015), Center and Museum "Bombers" in Barcelona (2015).

Awards (selection): Architecture+ Award for the Best Public Housing Project, first prize (2011), Catalonian Social Housing Award, finalist (2012), Catalonia Construction Awards, first prize (2014), Saint Gobain Cristalería | CITAV de Arquitectura en Vidrio – Award for the Best Architectural Project, first prize (2014), European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award, nomination (2015), Architecture Podium, International Architecture Awards 2015 | Category of Office Building Concept, 3rd prize (2015).