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Experience of a Place - Rocks of Rainberg
In this lecture Gisue Hariri will present their Salzburg project, exploring the "experience of a place", and a "fusion of complementary opposites".

Their belief that the crisis of contemporary architecture today is a crisis of the "inner life" rather than the outer world has guided them on a philosophical search for the essence of existence. This exploration of our contemporary culture, which is, at the same time dynamic, innovative and interconnected, has resulted in futuristic and visionary projects and prototypes for the new millennium.

Demonstrating this research Gisue Hariri will be presenting the "Digital House" project, the Museum of the 21st Century, and Hariri & Hariri – Architecture’s Salzburg project entitled "Rocks of Rainberg", a luxury residential and mixed-use complex, creating a landmark within Salzburg’s essentially 18th Century cityscape.

Eighty luxury residences will occupy the six new structures on the site, none of which reach more than eight stories in height. The scale of the buildings and site as designed by Hariri & Hariri are intended to be a microcosm of the city of Salzburg itself, complete with a manmade canal, representing the Salzach River, carved between the vertical rock face of the mountain and the site. As levels on the site change the canal creates waterfalls, which in turn produce dramatic views at grade level for the spa, restaurant and public promenade at waters’ edge. The program also includes exhibition space for the "House of Architecture", a gallery and lecture space to be run by "Initiative Architektur Salzburg", in the old brewery’s underground vaults. Covering the subterranean facility will be a public green space punctured by sculptural skylights jutting from the ground.

Established in 1986 by Cornell educated, Iranian born sisters Gisue Hariri and Mojgan Hariri, New York City based Hariri & Hariri – Architecture is internationally acclaimed for creating their own visionary brand of conceptual yet sensual, provocative yet poetic designs. The firm’s integration of striking architectural forms, digital technology, inventive materials and a social agenda has defined their practice for over two decades.

Hariri & Hariri have been recognized for the quality and originality of their work with numerous awards and exhibitions, such as the prestigious American Academy of Arts and Letters "Academy Award" in Architecture and the landmark "Un-Private House" exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art in New York among others.

Consistently creative and evocative, Hariri & Hariri are leading practitioners in their field capable of creating design of the highest level in projects ranging from master plans, to multi-family housing developments, commercial and institutional projects, and private residences of national and international significance.

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